The ugly privilege of rich white "protesters"

Not just white, but, in several examples, highly privileged: Clara Kraebber, 20, is a wealthy Upper East Sider (with a second home in posh Litchfield County, Conn.) whose mom is an architect and dad a child psychiatrist who teaches at Columbia.

Elliot Rucka, 20, of Portland, Ore., is the son of a famed comic-book writer and best-selling author. Claire Severine, 27, seems to be a signed model and actress who has lived in Canada and Ireland. Etkar Surette, 27, summered in Austria as a child. Frank Fuhrmeister, 30, is a freelance art director who’s done work for Pepsi, Samsung and Glenlivet.

Protesters busted by feds, Portland police as unrest surpasses 100 day mark
We’re not sure even the late satirist Tom Wolfe could top these portraits of poor little white kids trashing regular folks’ workplaces in the name of social justice.

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