Trump’s lead over Biden on the economy appears vulnerable, a potential turning point

Senior Biden campaign officials cheered a CNN poll conducted Aug. 28-Sept. 1, that show Trump polling 49 percent on the economy and Biden 48 percent. It is a significant narrowing from CNN’s Aug. 12-15 poll that found Trump leading Biden on the economy, 53 percent to 45 percent.

Other nationwide polls show a similar closing of the gap on this key issue. A CBS-YouGov poll from Sept. 2-4 shows Trump at 45 percent on the economy and Biden at 44 percent. And a Quinnipiac poll conducted Aug. 28-31 showed the two candidates neck-and-neck on the economy, with both at 48 percent.

Few polls ask consistently about who voters think can best steer the economy, making it difficult to assess how durable Biden’s apparent gains on the issue are. Some swing state polls still show voters giving Trump a clear edge on money matters. An NBC News/Marist poll in Pennsylvania conducted Aug. 31-Sept. 7 still found Trump leading on the economy, 51 percent to Biden’s 41 percent. It was a similar story in Florida, with Trump leading 53 percent to Biden’s 40 percent on the economy.