We're raising our kids at sea during COVID-19

We forgo luxuries that many take for granted, but as our youngest is fond of reminding us: some people have swimming pools in their home, but we have our home in a swimming pool!

Of course, there are things the kids miss out on. There are no team sports at sea, no trips to the mall with friends or regular family meet ups. Baths are an indulgence limited to when we make infrequent visits to family or friends on land. New clothes and shoes are a luxury—though we don’t need many . A haircut involves a trip to the back of the boat with hair clippers and kitchen scissors and dishes are rinsed in sea water. The only times we venture ashore is to recycle our waste, provision for food or go hiking.

We produce our own energy, make our own water and homeschool the kids, who sleep in small cabins. We are kept busy with family life, homeschooling, maintaining our sailboat and exploring the natural world. We generate a modest monthly income by renting our family home in England and video blogging. In many ways, our life has stayed the same during the pandemic, which is, sadly, not the case for the majority of people around the world.