Hawley calls on Disney to condemn Chinese atrocities in Xinjiang

Hawley shredded the company for filming Mulan in the Uighurs’ native province of Xinjiang, where China has detained more than a million people in “reeducation” camps, and asked the company to describe its relationship with Chinese authorities at the Turpan Public Security Bureau, which is responsible for overseeing the camps, noting the ending credits of Mulan recognized the bureau with “special thanks.”

“How exactly does giving ‘special thanks’ to the officials responsible for imprisoning, torturing, and forcibly sterilizing millions of people because of their ethnicities and beliefs align with your supposed commitment to promoting human dignity and respecting human rights?” Hawley wrote. “How does glorifying the Chinese authorities perpetrating abuses in Xinjiang provide comfort, inspiration, and opportunity to Uighur children—including those who were never born because the CCP forced their mothers to abort them? Disney’s actions here cross the line from complacency into complicity.”

He closed with a series of questions that could put Disney in an awkward position with the country — including whether it compensated the security bureau or supported China’s activity in the region. “Does Disney condemn the atrocities committed by the Chinese Communist Party against Uighurs and other Muslim ethnic minorities in Xinjiang?” Hawley wrote. “Will Disney donate any of the profits drawn from Mulan to non-governmental organizations dedicated to fighting human trafficking and the other atrocities underway in Xinjiang?”