Poll: Americans grow less negative in COVID outlook

Americans’ outlook for the coronavirus situation has become less negative in recent weeks, with less than half (47%) now saying the situation is “getting worse.” This is down from 61% in mid-August, and is the lowest for this measure since early June, before COVID-19 cases surged along with the loosening restrictions around the country. Meanwhile, higher percentages of Americans describe the situation as “getting better” (30%) or “staying the same” (23%).

Slightly fewer Americans also report being worried about contracting the virus. The latest percentage of Americans, 53%, who say they are “very” or “somewhat worried” about falling ill from COVID-19 is down from the 55% to 59% range Gallup has recorded since June.

Public concern about the availability of coronavirus tests (35% “very” or “moderately worried”) and hospital services (40%) are also down seven to nine points from their high points over the summer. Neither concern, however, has receded to the lower levels seen in June before the resurgence of cases nationally.

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