Why is the Trump campaign running out of cash?

But presidential campaigns are very expensive to run. The longer they go on, the more they cost. It seems Trump 2020 spent enormous sums of money, some $800 million, while voters weren’t really paying attention to the election. It’s now coming up to November and the campaign is sending out desperate mailers. How did happen? It can’t be just Parscale. How did the party of the right, which is supposed to be ethical and upstanding, find itself turning into yet another a frantic fundraising racket in 2020?

It seems the knives have been out for Parscale, left and right, since the NeverTrumpist (and itself suspiciously well-funded) Lincoln Project pushed out a vicious attack ad on him, accusing Brad of living a playboy lifestyle as a campaign manager. He was demoted soon after and now Bill Stepien, the new campaign head, is also sending out begging Trump Victory emails, saying he needs MY money. Parscale now stands accused of spending ‘like a drunken sailor’. In his defence, Brad says that his spending decisions were taken with Ronna McDaniel, the GOP chairwoman, and ‘under the very close eye’ of the Trump family.

All of which leads to another question. How much is Trump himself spending on his re-election efforts? It would be highly unusual for an incumbent president to use his own fortune to fund his campaign, but given that Trump’s campaign is adamant that America will be destroyed by the radical left if the President doesn’t win again, surely Trump should be reaching more into his own pocket.