Journalists’ social-media snark about urban safety is grotesque gaslighting

Of course, Krugman isn’t threatened. The blood isn’t staining sidewalks in the kind of hood the Nobelist calls home. Look at any Monday morning story about weekend violence. This weekend, it happened in The Bronx, Greenpoint, Rockaway.

Krugman and members of his social class have nothing to worry about. Their jolly experience proves nothing.

It isn’t just Krugman preening this way. A new meme on Twitter has upper-middle-class journalist types lounging in parks and posting pictures of how safe it is.

CNN correspondent Josh Campbell tweeted about eating his breakfast burrito in “wonderful Portland, where the city is not under siege, and buildings are not burning to the ground.”

It didn’t help that the night ­before a riot was declared in Portland after a mob marched on the mayor’s home and set a fire to a nearby building. Don’t believe your lying eyes, though: Josh Campbell is doing just fine.