Couple forced off NYC ferry in handcuffs over refusal to wear masks

A Brooklyn couple was pulled from a city ferry in handcuffs on Saturday night after refusing the captain’s order to wear a mask or leave the boat. The husband and wife, who were headed home to Bay Ridge after a night in Manhattan, each received a summons for disorderly conduct, according to an NYPD spokesperson.

For more than an hour on Saturday, the middle-aged duo stood defiantly on the top deck of an NYC Ferry, rejecting the captain’s orders to disembark at Brooklyn Bridge Park around 8 p.m. They insisted they had a constitutional right to ride mask-free, claiming they both suffered from a medical condition exempting them from Governor Andrew Cuomo’s requirement that New Yorkers wear a face covering in public to stop the spread of coronavirus.

“These people are just doing what the government is telling them,” the woman said of the masked riders aboard the boat.