We are all ‘losers’ in Trump’s America

The Atlantic turned up with a horrifying scoop Thursday. Reporter Jeffrey Goldberg revealed that in 2018, President Trump refused to visit a French cemetery that served as the final resting place for Americans who died in World War II because he believed the men who gave their lives for their country, which is our country, were “losers” and “suckers.”

My colleagues at The Post not only confirmed the account, but went on to report Trump deemed Americans who fought in Vietnam also “losers,” and used the same word to describe those captured by the Vietnamese who ended up as prisoners of war.

Every time we think we’ve reached the bottom with Trump — how awful can one human being be? — we discover further depths to plumb.

No surprise that Trump’s denying he said any such thing. But few believe him, and not simply because there are a number of (unnamed) witnesses, or because we know he’s said similar things in the past. Remember John McCain?