Feds arrest Blue Lives Matter supporters after tip they wanted to ‘pick people off’ in Kenosha

Two Missouri men have been arrested on numerous weapon charges after federal authorities were tipped off that they intended to possibly “loot” and “pick people off” at Kenosha protests, according to ABC 12. FBI investigators said that they recovered an assault rifle, shotgun, two handguns, a silencer, ammunition, body armor, a drone, and other materials from Michael Karmo and Cody Smith.

The two attended President Donald Trump’s rally in Kenosha and are allegedly part of the 417 2nd Amendment Militia of Missouri even though neither one of them is allowed to legally own guns due to their criminal records. Karmo and Smith allegedly told agents that they “wanted to see proof of the rioting” in Kenosha and were willing to “take action” if the police were defunded. The men said they planned on driving to Portland, Oregon, next, authorities said.