Chairwoman McDaniel: Democrats are putting unions above children


CHAIRWOMAN MCDANIEL: It’s laughable for Joe Biden to even pretend that the Democrats have been on the front lines of fighting for kids to be in school this fall. The Democrats are in the pocket of the unions. The unions have decided that it’s not something that they’re going to do. They’re not gonna go back to school. They’ve put unions above children as a party. And so you’ve got private schools that are opening and public schools that are closed. I know this first hand because my kids are in public school and guess what: My son is taking virtual ceramics – virtual ceramics for two hours every other day. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous. President Trump from the very beginning has said, ‘we need to get our schools back in. I’m going to give aid to the schools, we need to figure this out. We can do this safely. This is not an at-risk population. They’re very low risk and it is the Democrats and Democrat governors that have put a stop to this across the board and across the country.