'Patriot' group organizer defends presence at Friday protests in Denver

A few dozen self proclaimed “patriots” lined up several blocks away. Earlier a “call to action” went out on social media, saying “Step up to defend and protect what is ours in Denver.”

Murphy Robinson, Denver’s Executive Director of the Department of Safety said, “The last thing we want is not only for violence and destruction to happen in our city, but two separate entities with two separate interests clash.”

In Kenosha, Wisconsin, two protesters died when clashing with an armed youth who answered a similar call to back police. In Portland, Oregon, a man wearing a “patriot” hat was killed this past weekend during a pro-police event.

In Denver, police spoke with the patriot group. Robinson recalled what was said to the group.

“‘Hey we appreciate you trying to support us, however it’s not helping us.’ I am paraphrasing, ‘We ask you to go ahead and leave at this time and they did so.’”