Democrats furious as DNI moves to block disinformation efforts around election security intelligence

This takes some parsing, but it’s worth the dig. Real events are happening, but there’s a big gulf between what they actually are and how they’re being represented by the mainstream media. The whole enterprise is an excellent study in the misuse of classified intelligence as a vehicle for disinformation. DNI moves to block disinformation

The convenience of classified intelligence for this purpose is that it’s classified, so someone can always claim there’s something you don’t know about it that only emerged behind closed doors. The public, having no way to judge any original statements that may (or, equally, may not) have been made, have to rely on what partisans are trying to sell us all on instead.

The latest development in this saga is a complaint by Democrats about the DNI move, conveyed in a letter on 28 August, to brief Congress on election security via written documents, with few if any closed-door, in-person briefings being given on Capitol Hill. They will get the same information as before, but in written form.