NY is hemorrhaging cash — but de Blasio, Cuomo, unions refuse to face reality

Do blame Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio for their endless, bizarre, non-science-based COVID rules, particularly in the city: Indoor dining is still banned, theaters closed and even gyms can’t open until Wednesday. All despite scant COVID.

Add to that the post-George Floyd rioting, homeless encampments, surge in violence and general lawlessness, and it’s no wonder hundreds of businesses remain closed, some never to reopen — leaving thousands without work.

The economy’s collapse, meanwhile, deprives the city, state and MTA of enormous tax and fare revenue, popping multibillion-dollar holes in their budgets.

Yet both Cuomo and de Blasio seem to want to keep the economy down, as they fantasize about a federal bailout — and, in the mayor’s case, borrowing billions and saddling future generations with debt. (Sadly, at least one of the leading candidates to replace him, Speaker Corey Johnson, is on board the borrow-it-all train.)