"Compassion" isn’t a fix for homelessness — it’s just virtue signaling

It would help if those arguing forming shelters in hotels is a “necessary short-term solution that benefits us all” would be specific about how much it actually affects them or their families. It’s easy to be compassionate when the situation isn’t taking place on your stoop.

It’s also easy to call NIMBYism on the neighborhood affectionately referred to as “Moscow on the Hudson,” but the “not in my backyard” label doesn’t fit perfectly this time.

Should the city be dumping troubled people in hotels and feeling as if their job is done? Most Upper West Siders wouldn’t want that happening in any backyard anywhere.

UWS woman who grew up terrorized by homeless says she lives in fear again
We’re so singularly focused on stopping COVID-19, clearly a worthwhile goal, that we have ignored all of the side problems that come with haphazardly forming policies around it. That has to end if the city will recover from this very dark period.