Kanye West's strange presidential bid unravels thanks to a messy ballot access operation

Kanye West is on the ballot in Minnesota and Tennessee but just missed the filing deadline in Wisconsin. Missouri said his petition lacked more than 3,400 valid signatures, but he’s gone to court in a last-ditch attempt to get on the ballot in the swing state of Ohio.

He’s also blown past the first deadline to tell federal regulators how he’s using campaign money and has only hit the campaign trail for a rally once. But in Arizona, one of the last remaining presidential battlegrounds where he could still qualify for the ballot, the West campaign is gathering signatures.

A little more than two months before Election Day, rapper-producer West’s attention-grabbing presidential bid is bumping along in fits and starts — dogged by repeated questions about the campaign’s tactics, the candidate’s mental health and whether his quasi-candidacy represents little more than an underhanded effort by Republican operatives to capitalize on West’s celebrity in an attempt to siphon Black support from Democratic nominee Joe Biden.