We witnessed the Kenosha shootings. Here's what happened.

Richie would later tell me that he saw what prompted the first shooting. A verbal fight escalated as the victim tried grabbing the alleged shooter’s rifle – twice. The second time, Richie told me, the victim came very close to getting his hand on the man’s gun, trying to grab it away from him. He may have actually made contact, but it’s unclear amid the mayhem. That’s when the shooter fired.

“I see the shooter run away, and then I run in to provide medical aid,” Richie tells me. “What I didn’t realize until afterwards is that the shooter ran around the car and stood behind me. I screamed at him to call 911, not realizing he was the shooter. He runs away moments later after pulling out his phone.”

We would find out later that the very first gunshot – the sound that appears to have prompted the shooter to turn around, that Richie recounted and that caused me to begin filming, was not from the man who has now been charged with first degree murder.

It came from an unknown gunman who fired a single shot into the air, according to video footage reviewed by The New York Times.