He should have skipped straight to the fireworks

Some speech-watchers on Twitter thought Trump’s acceptance address was low energy, but the president seemed to pick up as the speech progressed. Several others thought that it felt a little like a State of the Union Address. People probably made that connection because once a year, President Trump goes into a dramatic location in Washington, with an American flag behind him, reads a well-written speech from a teleprompter to applause, spotlights and thanks some extraordinary Americans, sticks to the script and minimizes his ad-libbing, and generally sounds much more like a traditional president.

And then within a day or two, he goes back to his usual self and gets angry about something he’s seen on television and sends out four tweets about cable-news-network ratings. As noted below, up until 10 p.m. Eastern tonight, the Republican Party and convention organizers did just about everything humanly possible to make the best case for this administration. (Unfortunately, the broadcast and cable-news ratings have been not that great — about 16.5 million viewers across the six networks, compared to 19.5 million for the Democrats; both parties are down by more than 20 percent compared to four years ago.)