If the election were held today, Trump would win

The Democrats’ mistakes are as follows:

The Democrats made the mistake of thinking America was in their bubble. They think it is Obama’s economic boom; Trump’s economic collapse; and Orange Man Bad. Most Americans don’t care for the President, but they do not see him as the boogeyman. The sustained hate from the media and Democrats against the President have, at this point, become “boy who cried wolf” territory that most Americans have moved on from and tuned out. Democrats concluded everyone would agree with their attacks and if you didn’t, you were a white supremacist. Americans moved on to other things.

Democrats blamed the President, not the virus, for an economic collapse. Americans remember what their lives were like under Obama and under Trump. Prior to the virus, Americans had the lowest unemployment they have experienced. Democrats attribute that to Obama, but Americans tend to credit the man in the White House at the moment. Saying Trump wrecked the economy also explicitly contradicts the views of Americans who blame the virus. Americans want to vote for someone who will save their 401(K) more than they want to vote for a nice guy. They don’t blame Trump for the economic downturn and they remember not experiencing that level of economic productivity when Biden was in the White House.

Democrats lost their focused arguments on the virus. In blaming everything on the President, they failed to hone in on credible points about the virus.