"I regret only being involved in the 2016 election"

Comey last week tweeted a photo of himself in a t-shirt reading “Elect More Women” on the centennial of the 19th Amendment.

In response, the former secretary of state tweeted a GIF of herself looking bemused during a 2016 interview, in reference to Comey’s letter one week before the election announcing new developments in the investigation of her private email server. Clinton has suggested she believes reopening the investigation cost her the election.

“I think it is pretty funny, and I get why she would send something like that. She’s better at Twitter than I am,” Comey rold CBS’ “Face the Nation.” “I regret only being involved in the 2016 election. We were stuck and I think we made the right decisions, choosing between terrible options. I wasn’t trying, nor was anybody else in the FBI, trying to elect or not elect anybody.”