The abandonment of New York City

The impact: There are more than 13,000 empty apartments in Manhattan, and landlords are offering unheard-of discounts.

The MTA is destitute, and ridership is in a tailspin — despite the fact that subway cars are unnaturally gleaming.


In an echo of the 1970s, homelessness, violent crime and urban blight are on the rise.

The Empire State Building is suffering as tenants evacuate and tourists stay away.

Hamilton, Shmamilton: Broadway is shut down through at least January.

“There’s no reason to do business in New York,” Michael Weinstein of Ark Restaurants, which owns the famous Bryant Park Grill & Cafe, told the New York Times. “I can do the same volume in Florida in the same square feet as I would have in New York, with my expenses being much less.”

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