Poll: No immediate post-convention bounce for Biden

A new Morning Consult poll of 4,377 likely voters conducted Friday found Biden leads Trump by 9 percentage points, 52 percent to 43 percent, statistically unchanged from a Monday survey of 4,141 likely voters, when he led the president by 8 points. Monday’s responses have a 2-point margin of error and the Friday poll has a 1-point margin of error.

Despite the lack of movement, Biden is in a significantly more commanding position coming out of his party’s gathering than Hillary Clinton was four years ago following the Philadelphia convention, when Morning Consult polling of registered voters found many more were undecided.

Following the four-night commercial that emphasized Biden’s personal characteristics and bipartisan bonafides over his policy preferences, likely voters’ views about the Delawarean improved to their best point this year, building a solid foundation ahead of Republicans’ coming work to tear it down next week. Compared to Monday, the share with favorable opinions of Biden rose 3 points, to 51 percent — a single-day high in Morning Consult polling — while the share with unfavorable views fell by the same amount, to 45 percent.