How the "QAnon factor" is playing out in Florida’s GOP primaries

Despite the surge of QAnon-linked candidates seeking federal office this year, two Washington Post surveys taken in 2018 and again this past June suggest that support for QAnon among voters in Florida and nationwide has remained relatively low among members of both parties. Though often referred to as a “far-right” conspiracy theory, in its more recent survey of voters nationwide, the Washington Post found that above-average levels of conspiracy thinking is “strongly correlated with positive views of QAnon, regardless of the survey respondent’s partisanship.”…

Trump has not issued an official endorsement for any of the Republican contenders in his home district, though he has retweeted a post in favor of Laura Loomer, the 27-year-old far-right activist whose promotion of inflammatory (non-Q) conspiracy theories and Islamophobic rhetoric has gotten her banned from a number of social media, ride-share and online banking platforms including Twitter, PayPal, Uber and Lyft.

Loomer has the endorsements of a high-profile Trump supporter, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) and Republican strategist Roger Stone, and as of July 29 had raised over a million dollars for her campaign — more than all of the other primary candidates, including the incumbent. According to the Washington Post, Loomer’s campaign manager is Karen Giorno, a senior advisor to Trump’s 2016 campaign, who said his re-election team is committed to turning the district red.

“It was a directive not from the president, but on behalf of the president, he wanted this district flipped,” Giorno told the Post. “That’s his home district. He deserves to have someone represent him, not impeach him.”’