Poll: Most Americans agree that Postal service should get a funding boost

A new Yahoo News / YouGov Poll shows about two-thirds (64%) of Americans think the United States Postal Service should be provided with enough funding to ensure there are no delays in mail delivery during the election. About one in five (22%) don’t think so and another 12 percent aren’t sure.

Practically everyone who plans to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (93%) thinks the USPS should get funds to prevent delays, according to the polling data, while only roughly three in 10 (29%) of those planning to cast their ballot for President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence say the country’s mail carrier should get the additional funding.

Four in five (81%) Americans planning to vote by mail (which accounts for roughly a third of Americans) want to see a funding boost for the postal service, while about half (49%) who plan on voting in person on election day approve. Approval among those who will vote in-person at advanced polling stations sits at 56 percent.