The pointlessness of anti-Romney Republicanism

To let your politics be defined by loathing or adoration of a single political figure is to debase yourself. Look no further than the Lincoln Project on your left and Gaetz, Schlapp, Loeffler, et al. on your right for evidence. With Donald Trump, it’s at least comprehensible, if still often overblown. He is the most powerful man in the country, and another term will result in numerous political victories for his supporters and irreparable damage to the republic in the eyes of his opponents. But Romney? He’s merely one of a hundred senators with a limited ability to effect change unilaterally.

Yes, Romney is notable for vocally and meaningfully opposing his party’s incumbent president. And yes, his past as a major-party nominee renders him more influential than the typical first-term lawmaker. Still, the vitriolic, embarrassing, and performative behavior he inspires in those who have tied their careers and credibility to Donald Trump is remarkable in both its ardor and its ineffectuality.

If a man can be fairly judged by the company he keeps, I’d kindly ask to be counted as a Romney Republican. It’s a far better fate than the alternative.