Poll: 54% approve of Harris's selection as VP

The Post-ABC poll finds 54 percent of Americans approve of Biden’s choice of Harris while 29 percent disapprove and 17 percent have no opinion. Initial reactions to Harris’s selection are similar to those of other recent vice-presidential selections, including for Republican tickets: 51 percent approved of Mitt Romney’s selection of Rep. Paul Ryan to the Republican ticket in 2012 and 60 percent approved of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s selection as John McCain’s running mate in 2008.

An 86 percent majority of Democrats approve of Biden’s choice of Harris, including 64 percent who strongly approve. But Harris also draws mostly positive reactions among political independents, with 52 percent approving and 29 percent disapproving. Approval drops to 25 percent among Republicans.

Harris will be the first Black and Asian American woman to be nominated as vice president for a major- political party. Among Black Americans, 78 percent approve of her selection, including 50 percent who approve “strongly.” That compares to 65 percent approval overall among Hispanic adults and 46 percent among Whites. The poll finds little gender split in reactions to Harris’s selection, with 56 percent of women approving compared to 52 percent of men.