Birther-esque campaign against Kamala Harris reeks of fear and desperation

Harris, a Hastings Law School graduate with three decades of legal practice, would surely answer that the 14th Amendment simply dictates that “all persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” Just as the Hawaii-born Obama and the Florida-born Rubio were citizens at birth, rendering them eligible for the presidency, so is Harris.

As her spectacular flameout of the Democratic primary proved, Harris is a paper tiger — telegenic but rigid, vicious but largely ineffective in her attacks, and the bearer of plenty of baggage. The easiest line of attack for President Trump at the moment is to argue that the seemingly senile Biden will be a president in name only, whereas the corrupt cop Kamala will redirect law enforcement and the courts to come after your churches and your guns while rioters are given free rein to turn the rest of the nation into Portland, Oregon.

This is an argument that makes neither Harris’s race nor gender an issue. If anything, it appeals to people of color who have seen what the rage and rioting of woke whites have wrought for actual working-class communities of color. It might also appeal to women who may dislike Trump but still care about their rights to worship and carry. Instead, one of Trump’s most increasingly visible surrogates is baiting him to revive his single most racist controversy in a move that will only re-enrage the swing voters revolted with his personality.