Win by QAnon believer creates new headaches for House GOP

To many House Republicans, Greene is a liability whose remarks will be used against other GOP candidates, according to multiple GOP House lawmakers and aides.

“It is a really ugly outcome — an embarrassment for our party. And [it is] unfortunate our party leadership did not address that issue,” one GOP lawmaker told The Hill…

“McCarthy is clearly so paranoid about not having the support of the far right for his own Speaker race that he was willing to throw the rest of the conference under the bus by backing this woman and now making everyone else have to answer for her,” one GOP aide said.

GOP lawmakers were much less scathing in their remarks, even while speaking anonymously.

“[I] would agree with that about leadership [needing to do more] but ultimately it is up to the people to decide and for individual candidates to either step up or be held to account,” one GOP lawmaker said.