Team Trump hasn't figured out how to attack Harris

Are you ready for their stunning line of attack?

Kamala is a cop…

This whole deal leaves me a bit confused. After all, I thought that the Trump campaign’s big summer offensive was that Joe Biden is a Trojan horse for the Antifa Squad that wants to defund the police and allow looters and statue-desecrators to run free. Seems like picking a cop as his VP undermines that message a bit.


Maybe this is all just a bit of social media chatter though, lets see what the official response from the Trump campaign is…

So . . . Kamala Harris is a phony cop who is going to bury her record in order to be a . . . Trojan horse for the anti-police extremists.

What the Trump campaign is offering here is a rare attack, indeed. The double Trojan horse! A squad inside a horse inside a bigger horse.

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