Why is Gregg Popovich lying about Michael Brown and stirring racial animus?

Here’s part of what Popovich said unprompted as a way of remembering the six-year anniversary of Brown’s death.

“This was a young man who had just graduated from high school about a week earlier, I think,” Popovich told reporters inside the Orlando bubble. “There was some sort of altercation that everybody has not agreed upon yet. But that fact that is agreed upon is this is a young man with his hands in the air, running from the officer, running away, and received six shots in the back that killed him.

“And it’s just another example of an overall culture, not every policeman, so don’t take it out of context, but an overall culture that sort of presumes guilt, or feels danger because it’s a young black man.”

Brown was not shot in the back. According to forensic evidence, all six bullets entered Brown from the front as he charged toward Wilson.

Darren Wilson felt danger because Brown reached inside a police car and attempted to grab Wilson’s gun.