Why Biden needs Kamala Harris

On the other hand, Rice has no domestic policy experience and has never held elected office. She did have a government career where she reached the highest levels of administrations and most recently served as national security adviser for Barack Obama. While her foreign policy experience is considerable, not all of it works in favor of Biden. Rice has seen persistent accusations of misleading the public as she tried to explain the Benghazi disaster in 2012. Given the liability that proved to be for Hillary Clinton in 2016, that alone is reason to not select Rice for vice president.

Further, Rice is not necessarily a relatable or electrifying figure within the party, and she would do nothing to energize or motivate the Democratic base of voters. In fact, she may actually deter some progressives, due to her financial investments in several industries, such as the controversial Keystone Pipeline, stand at odds with important liberal causes.

No other candidate or member of Congress besides Harris has the ability, stature, and experience to be on the ticket, notably in the situation where she could have to assume the presidency at any time. In my view, the only other choice better than Harris that would effectively guarantee victory is Michelle Obama. She consistently outshines the several other Democratic prospects in terms of polling, favorability, and leadership style.