Portland mayoral challenger declines to denounce violence

When asked if she would denounce the smaller group of nightly protests that have gone on for more than 70 nights and often turn destructive and violent, Iannarone declined.

“I know nobody controls a social movement,” she said. “We need to understand these protests are part of a healthy democracy. Peaceful protests, in my opinion, might not necessarily be moving the conversation forward.”

Iannarone’s comments were made during the show’s taping on Thursday. On Friday, Iannarone’s campaign sent KGW this statement on the issue:

“Criminal activity is illegal, and of course I don’t condone it. What I’m focused on is ensuring police do not use violence and even lethal force against people who have done nothing wrong, as we have seen nightly, and for decades. We must not take our focus off why these recent protests began, and reimagine public safety so we can save lives. I condemn arson, obviously. I also condemn the countless deaths of Black individuals at the hands of police.”