Anti-Trumpers spout radical ideas for 2020 election

A bipartisan group of 100 or so left-wing luminaries, institutional graybeards and never-Trumpers came together to work on what they named the Transition Integrity Project, their response to their conviction that President Donald Trump will contest the result “by both legal and extra-legal means.”

The group claims to take no position on how Americans should vote — as if the word “transition” isn’t a giveaway. Self-awareness is not a requirement with this group. And integrity is optional.

Monday, the group released a report with a game plan on how the presidential campaigns, a compliant media and government officials could react to four likely election scenarios.

Of course, one of the outcomes was a 2016 repeat — with Trump winning the electoral college and former Vice President Joe Biden winning the popular vote.

And this is what the folks who ostensibly care about the country suggested: Team Biden could push key blue states to threaten to secede from the nation unless congressional Republicans agree to make Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico states, divide California into five states, require Supreme Court justices to retire at 70 and eliminate the Electoral College — because U.S. Constitution is toilet paper to them.
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