The Democrats Biden doesn't want

As pro-life Democrats and enthusiastic supporters of Black Lives Matter, we won’t vote for Donald Trump. His appalling record on racial justice, the environment and workers’ rights goes against everything we stand for. We are liberals and feminists, not Republicans in sheep’s clothing. We don’t want Mr. Trump to win. We want to save the party we consider our home.

But we are caught between Mr. Trump’s destructive economic and social agenda and the inconsistency of the modern Democratic Party, which fights for the lives of children at the border, but not the lives of children at risk of dismemberment in the womb. The Democrats of 2020 will barely give a thought to policies that make it easier for women to choose life, such as government-funded hospital care for women giving birth, or palliative care for infants with prenatal diagnoses. Such policies, previously central to Democratic values, violate the core tenet that “abortion is normal.”

America’s 21 million pro-life Democrats face a choice between staying home, risking four more years of Donald Trump’s destructive agenda, and voting for Joe Biden, a candidate who snubs us and our values. We would love to vote for Mr. Biden, but if he wants our vote, he will have to earn it. And if he can’t earn it, he should at least ask for it.