Trump puts aides on tightrope with White House convention speech

Legal experts said White House staff would violate the federal Hatch Act by planning or participating in such an event. The Hatch Act bars U.S. government employees from conducting any political activities during work hours, while in a government building or while wearing a government uniform.

The president and vice president are exempt from the law. But everyone else who works at the White House, from the chief of staff to the groundskeepers and event planners, are not…

Painter said every federal employee who attends the event in their official capacity would be breaking the law.

“If he has White House staffers there with him, if he starts to put on a show, they bring in bleachers, they bring in an audience, you get protesters outside and have to deal with that, at that point you’re using a lot of federal resources for purposes of putting on a political stunt,” Painter said.