Our so-called "media correspondents" simply aren't serious

If Stelter were an honest journalist, he would be noting in his newsletter the rise in rhetoric from multiple media outlets calling for no presidential debates. However, he’s not an honest journalist. He is a PR flack for CNN and his job is to watch Fox News and other right-leaning outlets and pundits all day and report on things they do he that he disagrees with.

It’s not objective journalism. It’s defending the castle.

At one point, Darcy and Stelter were decent journalists. Like with everything else in the modern era, increased polarization in our political world has made people and things so much more unbearable. Anyone whose focus is on media reporting is doing the job from a biased, political perspective and not through an objective lens focused on the industry. Like so many other elements of national journalism, it’s disappointing and would be better off disappearing.