The swamp is coming from inside the (White) House!

On two occasions over the last few days, CHRIS COX — who runs House outreach for the White House legislative affairs office — suggested to colleagues he was doing errands and collecting political intelligence for lobbyist friends on K Street.

— COX told colleagues in the White House that he was seeking information on the executive orders that President DONALD TRUMP was readying to issue so he could brief people downtown — in other words, suggesting he wanted to give lobbyists a sneak peek.

— ON WEDNESDAY, COX emailed with fellow White House aides and officials on the National Security Council, seeking to push along an exemption for Gulfstream to deliver private jets overseas after he had a conversation with General Dynamics’ lobbyist. A spokesman for General Dynamics declined to comment…

IT WAS NOTABLE TO MANY PEOPLE at all levels of the White House that he was openly collecting political intelligence for corporate special interests and lobbyists on K Street from deep inside the sanctum of the White House.

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