Drew Brees' detractors largely silent over DeSean Jackson's anti-Semitic social media posts

In the wake of it all, there were no Twitter threads from any current NFL player about whether Jackson was wrong or any teammate of Jackson’s saying that he was “part of the problem” like some did for Brees when he said he would never agree with someone who knelt during the national anthem.

New Orleans Saints defensive end Cam Jordan, at most, retweeted a message from Fox Sports’ Joy Taylor, which read: “What DeSean Jackson posted was wrong and ignorant. There is no defense for it. I’m glad he apologized and has taken action. Hopefully he will continue to take the time and energy to learn why what he posted was hurtful. Growth and empathy are important from all of us right now.”

Jackson’s Eagles teammates were quick to accept his apology with some retweeting his second statement he posted on Twitter later Tuesday. No upcoming opponents said they looked forward to playing Jackson and no one questioned whether Jackson was truly forthcoming in his apology.