"Donald Trump’s actions are on the side of the virus"

“That line has been cited and repurposed throughout the years, often misconstrued and often misused and abused,” Hayes noted. “But right now it seems fitting. The battle against the virus is not a choice. We cannot opt out of it. So if you take the steps that President Trump is taking, not just refusing to combat the virus, you’re activity taking steps that will make people sick. You are objectively pro virus.”

“For instance, they’ve been dropping some of the precautions at the White House like temperature checks because they want to get back to the appearance of normal,” Hayes pointed out. “They’re calling federal workers back into the workplace where is they don’t have to be to make people think we’re over the virus. They’re doing big events, like sending Vice President Mike Pence indoors with choirs where no one is wearing a mask. They’re trying to browbeat schools into packing as many people in place as possible. This is helping the virus. Donald Trump’s actions are on the side of the virus.”

“Are we going to now join the pro-virus coalition instead?” Hayes asked, referencing Trump’s Tuesday announcement that the U.S. has taken steps to withdraw from the World Health Organization.

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