The case for Valerie Jarrett as Biden’s VP

Though Rice also served as Obama’s national security adviser, she’s unfairly freighted with political baggage that Jarrett, working behind the scenes, has escaped. Recall 2012 when Rice, stepping in for then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, reported on five Sunday news shows that attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, were a “spontaneous” reaction to a viral, anti-Muslim video. When subsequent investigations proved otherwise, Rice was unfairly accused of “lying.” I defended Rice at the time and stand by that column.

Jarrett, meantime, was “in the room,” as she has put it, on nearly every crucial issue during the Obama administration. Having spent time with her socially and in the White House, I can attest to her graciousness, intelligence and absolute discretion. She’s no one’s fool and holds her cards close. While serving the president, she also pursued her own projects, speaking often on the country’s toxic politics, the need for compromise and issues of the day.

During a recent Axios interview, asked to comment on Biden’s vice presidential choices, Jarrett said, “I trust him completely to pick the right person.”

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