Republicans need to unite in defense of America’s culture

How can Republicans fight this war?

We must strengthen the foundations of the American way of life — family, religion, education, and community. But more important, Republicans must build public sentiment in favor of the American way of life. This is critical right now, because Americans don’t fully understand the extent of the multicultural threat. In fact, broad swaths are uninformed, because the multiculturalists control the opinion-forming institutions.

Republicans must take to the political arena to make well-developed arguments and call out multiculturalism when it manifests itself. They must create an overarching narrative that ­allows us to see the monster of multiculturalism in its entirety. Yes, this is a challenge. But if we don’t do this, those citizens who don’t bow to the altar of multiculturalism will assume they are alone — and acquiesce to what they perceive as an irresistible new orthodoxy.

It isn’t enough for Republicans to make just any arguments, however. They must make the right arguments from justice. Multiculturalists understand this well, and it makes them appear to have the high moral ground. They have (social) justice; Republicans have “it costs less,” “reduce the size of government” or “states’ rights.” Republicans will not win that fight. Rather, justice arguments must be met with other, better justice arguments.