Poll: How 2020’s "haters" compare to their 2016 peers

Members of the 2020 group are more likely to be Democrats and to identify as liberal. Compared to 2016, the new bloc is also younger, with swaths of Generation Z reaching the age of voter eligibility since the last presidential election. The poll, conducted June 15-28, 2020, surveyed 8,053 registered voters with unfavorable opinions of Trump and Biden and has a 1-point margin of error…

Those with unfavorable views about both candidates are less inclined to prioritize security (including issues such as immigration that propelled Trump last time around) when thinking about their votes in federal elections and are more likely to care about the economy, an issue where Trump has a slim advantage over Biden, and health care, where Biden and Democrats are favored by the overall electorate.

Clinton, who was much less popular among all voters in 2016 than Biden is now, trailed Trump by 17 points with the haters, according to exit polling, while the latest data shows Biden with a 29-point lead among those voters. And among the 43 percent who are still undecided, Biden leads by 19 points when they are forced to pick.