Will Joe Biden sign a pledge to protect monuments?

To be sure, not every politician will sign the pledge; in fact, it’s likely that many won’t. Yet of course, during this current spree of vandalizing violence, to not sign a pledge to uphold order is, in fact, to be making a plain-as-day statement — that one is soft on, or perhaps even supportive of, vandalistic violence.

Moreover, in many cities, mayors and other local pols will be able to safely ignore any such pledge — and even loudly reject it. That is, their Woken voters wouldn’t want them to sign it, and they might well vote them out if they did (although perhaps there’s a silent majority, even in the cities, that disapproves of such defilement).

In any case, not every American lives in Woketown. Indeed, national polls show strong support for keeping most statues intact. And even if voters are sympathetic to removing, say, Confederate statues, it’s likely that they would prefer to see the removal done peacefully and legally, such that the statues can be safely moved in a museum or other repository.

So presumably many politicians, especially at the state and federal level, would be happy to sign such a pledge — and if they don’t, well, the voters might be happy to learn the name of his or her opponent in the next election.

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