With Biden up big, Democrats still haunted by fear of letdown

“That memory can’t be erased,” said Luis Heredia, executive director of the Arizona Education Association, the state’s teachers union, and a Democratic National Committee member. He recalled watching swing states like Pennsylvania and Michigan quickly collapse for Democrats on election night. “That memory is still very fresh, especially for me.”

“You remind people that a poll is just a poll. It’s a moment in time on Tuesday morning when somebody answered a call. Let’s not get carried away. We should be winning by 20 points given the circumstances. Winning by 6 points is still too close for us to say that we’re ahead of the game.”…

“Democrats across Wisconsin have two reactions to this moment,” said Ben Wikler, chairman of the Wisconsin Democratic Party. “The first is that Trump is an unmitigated disaster and polls demonstrate that everyone knows he’s bad. The second reaction is that we have learned our lesson from 2016.”

He said Democrats “can’t take their foot off the gas even for a second” by buying too much into the polls, noting that Clinton led Trump by as many as 15 percentage points in Wisconsin following the Democratic National Convention in August 2016. Trump ended up winning Wisconsin less than 1 percentage point.