Take this 4th of July to reject all the America-haters

This year, as hard-left vandals and their liberal apologists tear down statues of the Founding Fathers in a display of staggering ignorance, we must stand up as Americans and announce with the full-throated harmony of the most diverse nation on earth that the United States is still, and will always be, our beloved homeland.

On Independence Day, my neighbor Bruno, who immigrated here from Italy 50 years ago, will grill sausage and play with his grandkids. On Independence Day, the Chinese family on the other side of my Brooklyn row house, who speak about as much English as I speak Mandarin, will celebrate their new lives as free citizens.

On Independence Day, the sad, broken souls who vent rage against this nation can’t extinguish the joy of ordinary men and women whose daily lives give quiet testament to the enduring promise of 1776.

On Independence Day, there should be no caveats. No self-negating apologies, confessions or Maoist-style struggle sessions. No trigger warnings.