Poll: Americans less willing to call themselves very patriotic than two years ago

The drop in intense patriotism does not come across the board. It is greatest among Republicans (72% to 55%) and among Americans older than 45 years old (55% to 35%), majorities of whom had called themselves very patriotic in 2018. It also declined among women (38% to 29%). Younger adults, Democrats and Black Americans have changed less — or have even risen in their willingness to call themselves very patriotic.

The drop in self-reported patriotism comes in the middle of a pandemic and racial strife. Relatively speedy responses to at least some demands by the Black Lives Matter protesters may have boosted their supporters’ willingness to call themselves very patriotic, while the difficulties President Donald Trump is having with the protests and the virus (majorities overall disapprove of how he has is handling each of them) may trouble his supporters. Two years ago, about three-quarters (74%) of 2016 Trump voters called themselves very patriotic; now that percentage has dropped 12 points, to 62 percent.