Why do some men take so long to poop?

A 1992 study in the journal Gut found similar results. A questionnaire designed to assess gender differences in the bowel habits of nearly 1,900 men and women in England showed that while most people, regardless of their gender, don’t enjoy a “conventionally normal bowel function,” statistically, it seemed women were more likely than men to face toilet-based challenges.

But men really do spend more time in the loo. A recent U.K. survey conducted by the bathroom-appliance company UK Bathrooms, which the The Daily Mail covered, revealed that men spent an average of 1 hour and 35 minutes on the commode each week, or nearly 14 minutes a day, compared with women, who spend just 55 minutes a week on the toilet, or almost 8 minutes a day.

That may mean that men who spend eons in the bathroom are doing more than just pooping. For example, research has found that 86% of men do most of their reading whilst sitting on the toilet, compared to just 27% of women, the UK Bathrooms poll found.