Hillary: Trump would have locked me up if I'd done anything wrong

“Look, if I had ever done anything wrong, he would have gone after me,” Clinton told The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast while promoting her new Hulu documentary. “You know, I’ve never done anything wrong. I’m, you know, as some people like to say, the most investigated, exonerated person in recent history.”

Clinton went on to say that, deep down, Trump fears his 2016 win is illegitimate because Russia helped him and he would have gone after her if he thought it would impose a personal cost on her.

“He would have, because he’s a vindictive score-settler and he doesn’t want the legitimacy of his election ever to be questioned, although history will continue to question it,” she continued. “So, thankfully, you know, I never did anything that gave him any cause, despite his best efforts.”

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