England drops quarantine for most visitors, but not those from U.S.

The European Union recently upheld a ban on travelers from the United States, even as it opened its borders to visitors from Canada, Rwanda, Thailand and 15 other countries. England’s policy, announced on Friday, is not as draconian. Visitors from America can still enter the country so long as they agree to isolate themselves for two weeks.

But those from France, Germany, Italy, Spain and dozens of other countries will be able to travel to England with no restrictions — an arrangement intended to bolster the languishing tourism industry in time for the summer vacation season. The regulations will take effect on July 10…

Grant Shapps, the transport secretary, told the BBC on Friday that the United States would be excluded from the immediate relaxation because of the “very high numbers of infections” in the country.

The government has designated countries with green, yellow and red lights, based on “the prevalence of coronavirus, the numbers of new cases and potential trajectory of the disease in that destination.” The United States has a red light.