Coronavirus is surging in Florida -- and so is anxiety over Trump's chances with senior voters

The fight for the critical senior vote is playing out as a contest among peers, with Trump, 74, and Biden, 77, steadily escalating their campaigns against one another. Trump is working to increase his support among older white men, a crucial part of his base, while Biden is trying to expand his appeal among older white women. Voters of color strongly favor Biden, polls show.

On Florida’s Gulf Coast, Trump won Pinellas County by 1 percentage point — the same margin he carried the state. Democrats and Republicans had roughly the same number of registered voters in 2016, but Democrats have an advantage of about 10,000 now, which make places like the “On Top of the World” retirement community a hot campaign battleground.

“There are more Democrats now than there used to be in years past,” said Donna Lukas, a longtime leader of the community’s Democratic club. “People seemed to have a hatred of Hillary for a variety of reasons, but I’m not hearing as much negativity about Joe. I know some Republicans who are definitely not voting for Trump and are probably going to vote for Biden.”